Risk Management Program

Report info

​​​​​Submit your sales report to Agricorp according to the schedule below. Report only lambs that a​​​​re sold and eligible for the program. You must report your sales even if you have no sales within the reporting period either by contacting Agricorp or indicating zero sales on the report.​

Sales reporting period Deadline to report Information to report each period
January 1 to June 30July 31, 2024
  • ​The number of lambs sold
  • Their average sale weight
  • The primary point of sale
  • The origin of all sold animals (e.g., the number raised from birth, the number purchased and if purchased, average purchase wei​ght)
  • Date of sale
  • If applicable – Payment without sale reports for lambs retained for breeding purpose

July 1 to December 31January 31, 2025


Copies of sales/slaughter and purchase receipts must be available upon request to help Agricorp verify program payments.

When sales receipts are requested, they must clearly show the following:

  • Weight (live or carcass) by certified scale – if a certified scale ​weight is not available, the receipt must show the estimated weight and be signed by both the buyer and the seller.
  • Number of head
  • Date of sale
  • Name of seller and buyer
  • Transaction value

Changes of more than ​25%

During the course of the year, if you expect your actual sales to increase or decrease by more than 25 per cent, you must notify Agricorp before the end of the next reporting period. ​


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