Next steps for finalizing 2018 corn yields and claims

​​December 21, ​2018

​​The 2018 harvest is complete for most producers, allowing Agricorp to finalize yield information needed for 2019 Production Insurance renewals and to pay 2018 claims.

While the majority of corn yields have been reported, there are still yields that are not yet finalized, either because the crop hasn't been harvested or because the crop has high DON levels and marketability is unknown.

In the coming months, Agricorp customers will be determining the marketability of corn they have stored and harvesting any remaining acres. As a result, these customers’ final yields and any potential claims are currently unknown. Agricorp’s previously-stated goal to finalize the majority of yields and claims by March has caused confusion and concern. Agricorp is providing this update to help alleviate these concerns and to provide clarity for customers on next steps:

  • Customers do not need to sell their crop by a specific date. Adjusters are meeting with customers on an individual basis to identify their individual circumstances and, where possible, finalize a yield and any production or salvage claims.
  • Agricorp asks customers to provide updates as their harvest progresses, to report any changes to their harvested or stored crop, and to inform Agricorp if they intend to destroy unmarketable crop.
  • Final 2018 yields are used to determine a customer's average farm yield for the 2019 growing season. Agricorp is working with customers throughout the winter to finalize yield information and claims, with a goal to complete the majority of this work by March.
  • For some customers, it will not be possible to finalize a yield or claim before March. Agricorp will work with these customers on a one-on-one basis until their claims are closed.
  • Salvage claims are based on DON levels at harvest. Customers who have not yet had DON tests should ensure they get one based on a representative sample of any stored or unharvested corn.

​​Claim payments will be made once yields are finalized and Agricorp has confirmed destruction of any unmarketable crop.

If customers have questions about their situation, they should contact Agricorp.​

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