Next steps for producers affected by DON

January 23, 2019

​​The majority of corn acres insured under Produ​ction Insurance have been harvested, but yields for many producers are still unknown as producers wait to determine marketability.

As of January 18, 2019, the average yield for corn was 181 bushels per acre. This is above the Production Insurance 10-year average of 170 bushels per acre.

Producers with corn in storage who want to market their crop are continuing to do so. Producers should inform Agricorp if they are able to sell their crop or of any other changes. 

If a producer cannot find a market for their corn and has informed Agricorp of their intent to destroy the crop, Agricorp will assign a zero yield for Production Insurance to the destroyed acres. Agricorp can then finalize the producer's yield and calculate any claims.

Agricorp will continue to work with producers affected by DON over the winter months and hopes to finalize most DON-related claims by the end of March.

For some customers, it will not be possible to finalize a yield or claim by the end of March. Agricorp will work with these customers on a one-on-one basis until their claims are resolved. This applies to customers with DON-affected corn in the field and/or in storage.

Customers do not need to sell their corn by a specific date. Adjusters are meeting with customers to identify their individual circumstances and, where possible, finalize a yield and any production or salvage claims.

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