AgriStability is an important part of a comprehensive suite of risk management programs. AgriStability protects producers from large declines in their farming income caused by production loss, increased costs or market conditions.

Your allowable income and expenses for all the commodities you produce are used to calculate your margins, protecting the income of your whole farm.​

Program updates

AgriStability Cash Reference Margin pilot aims to reduce paperwork

The federal and provincial governments have created an AgriStability pilot to help producers participate in the program by reducing the amount of information they need to provide.

Producers who file their taxes on the cash basis can have their reference margin based on the cash income and expenses they report for income tax purposes, with no accrual adjustments (the production margin will still be calculated with accrual adjustments). This pilot will allow them to align their reference margin with their tax filing method.

To participate in the Cash Reference Margin pilot for the 2021 program year, download the consent form and send a signed copy to Agricorp by March 31, 2022.

Read more in Cash Reference Margin pilot aims to reduce AgriStability paperwork.


AgriStability interim payments

An AgriStability interim payment could provide cash flow now – when producers need it most. Customers whose income has declined substantially and have completed six months of their fiscal year can submit an interim payment application. Interim payments are 50 per cent of a producer's estimated final payment.

Do you have private income insurance?

To increase the potential for AgriStability payments, private insurance indemnity payments will be excluded from calculating a participant's program year margin. How Production Insurance is treated remains unchanged.

Private insurance refers to third-party, producer-funded coverage for revenue losses of allowable commodities. Private insurance does not refer to Production Insurance or non-agricultural insurance coverage, such as property insurance.

For more information, see the AgriStability program guidelines or call Agricorp.

Your AgriStability Pr​​​otection

Why include AgriStability in your busi​​​​​​​​​ness risk management plans?

A visual representation of AgriStability benefits​Funding part​​​n​ers

AgriStability is part of the suite of programs established under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement on agricultural policy. The costs of AgriStability are shared by the federal and provincial governments on a 60:40 basis. In Ontario, AgriStability is delivered by Agricorp.

DeadlinesJune 2021

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